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Decking, Siding, Lumber, & Flooring Bargains

These bargain bundles are one-time items. Once they sell they are gone forever! Buy now to take advantage of these super-low prices.

To purchase these bargain bundles please call us directly at: 1-877-232-3915

Decking Bargains

clearance decking

Save on Decking: Build your next deck for less with these one-time decking specials.
Highlighted Decking Special
California Cumaru Decking Bundle
Cumaru 1x4x11′
235 pcs
Bundle Price: $3,541.45 That's 20% off!!!
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Siding Bargains

siding clearance

Save on Siding: Your next siding project can be more afforable with these one-time siding specials.
Highlighted Siding Special
Florida Garapa Siding Bundle
Garapa 5/4x6 Rainscreen Siding
326 ln ft
Bundle Price: $779.14 That's almost 50% off!!!
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Flooring Bargains

clearance flooring

Save on Flooring: Your next floor will cost a lot less with these one-time flooring specials.
Highlighted Flooring Special
North Carolina Tigerwood Decking Bundle
3/4″ x 4″ R. Oak S/B SE Unfinished Flooring
12,285 sq ft
Bundle Price: $39,312 BUY MORE... SAVE MORE!!!
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Hardwood Lumber Bargains

clearance lumber

Save on Lumber: Our hardwood lumber prices have NEVER been this low. Save today with these one-time lumber specials.
Highlighted Hardwood Lumber Special
Bocote 2″
1248 lf
Bundle Price: $2,895.36 That's 20% off!!!
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Bargain bundles are excluded from the free shipping offer and all other discounts & offers. Limited supply only please call for availablity. Shipping cost is based on origin of material.

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