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Of all the decking options available, what is the best decking material for you? Watch this video to discover the benefits you will get with Advantage Hardwood Decking. You'll also see some examples of decks across the world that feature our exotic hardwoods.

A Real Wood Deck

Naturally Durable - Truly Dependable - Don't You Deserve the Real Thing?

Decks made of our authentic hardwood are proven to be dependable, durable, and a great value. Is it any wonder why Advantage Decking™ is the preferred choice among professional deck builders and contractors?

The Top 7 Benefits of Advantage Hardwood Decking:

  1. An eye-catching array of natural colors & patterns
  2. Ultra low maintenance (no stripping or excessive sanding required)
  3. Average lifetime exceeds cedar, pine, redwood, and synthetic decking
  4. Excellent performance in extreme climates (hot / cold, wet / arid)
  5. Chemical-free resistance to mold, decay, & even termites
  6. Sustainably harvested from well-managed forests
  7. Less expensive than PVC, capstock, & composite decking and free of problems like (peeling, excess mold spots, etc.)

Advantage Wood Decking Options

Discover the benefits of Advantage Decking™ and see why contractors, architects, and homeowners love the real, natural look of our exotic woods over composite decking material. With its low maintenance qualities and decades-long lifespan, you can build your next deck knowing you've chosen genuine hardwood that is proven to withstand anything you or Mother Nature throws at it.

ipe wood decking Ipe Decking (Brazilian Walnut)
Appearance: An extremely dense, tight grained wood. Boards display a deep rich brown with some pieces displaying red and amber hues.
Hardness: 3680lbs - 3x Harder than Teak
Bending Strength: 25,400 psi
Benefits: Low maintenance. Highest rating for insect (termite) & decay resistance. Proven lifespan of 75+ years.

cumaru wood decking
Cumaru Decking (Brazilian Teak)
Appearance: Color variation includes honey to reddish brown with dark grain accents throughout the wood.
Hardness: 3540 lbs - 8x Harder than Redwood
Bending Strength: 24,800 psi
Benefits: Low maintenance. Extremely durable. Naturally resistant to decay. Offers 50+ year lifespan.

tigerwood wood decking Tigerwood Decking (Brazilian Koa)
Appearance: Light golden brown to brown with irregular black and brown streaks.
Hardness: 1850 lbs. - 2x Harder than Cedar
Bending Strength: 19,285 psi
Benefits: Low maintenance and naturally durable. Offers 30+ year lifespan.

massaranduba wood decking Massaranduba Decking (Brazilian Redwood)
Appearance: Velvet red to dark reddish brown with straight grain and a fine texture. One side of the surface is anti-slip and the opposite surface is smooth for a more traditional look.
Hardness: 3190lbs - 7.5x Harder than Redwood
Bending Strength: 27,280 psi
Benefits: Excellent durability and low maintenance. Exceptional resistance to rot, decay, and insects. 30+ year lifespan.

garapa wood deckingGarapa Decking (Brazilian Ash)
Appearance: A fine-grained hardwood that has light yellow to warm golden hues.
Hardness: 1210 lbs - 3x Harder than Redwood
Bending Strength: 12,900 psi
Benefits: Durable and naturally resistant to rot, decay, and splinters without any chemical treatments. Offers 30+ year lifespan.

*All prices per linear foot


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Enter the world of true wood decking & discover all the benefits of worry-free outdoor living.

If you value longevity, looks, and return on investment, then choosing genuine Advantage Hardwood Decking is a sound decision you can make with confidence. We offer a number of ways to buy wood decking from us. Whether you call, click, or email, you will work with a professional who is here to assist you throughout the entire process!

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Wood Decking Thickness
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Here is an explanation of our most popular wood decking sizes:
  • 1x6 - "finished" dimension 3/4" thick
  • 1x6 +PLUS® - "finished" dimension 21mm thick
  • 5/4x6 - "finished" dimension 1" thick
  • 2x6 - "finished" dimension 1 1/2 " thick

Wood Decking Shipping Times
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Dallas, Texas (TX) 3-4 Days Raleigh, North Carolina (NC) 1-2 Days
Denver, Colorado (CO) 4-5 Days Richmond, Virginia (VA) 1-2 Days
Greenville, South Carolina (SC) 1-2 Days Salt Lake City, Utah (UT) 4-5 Days
Kansas City, Missouri (MO) 3-4 Days San Diego, California (CA) 4-5 Days
Long Island, New York (NY) 1-3 Days San Francisco, California (CA) 4-5 Days
Los Angeles, California (CA) 4-5 Days Seattle, Washington (WA) 5+ Days
Memphis, Tennessee (TN) 2-3 Days Tampa, Florida (FL) 2-3 Days
New Jersey 1-3 Days NJ Coast 1-3 Days
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