Brazilian Cherry / Jatoba Wood Flooring

We offer the highest quality Jatoba Wood Flooring at deeply discounted pricing.

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Brazilian Cherry Flooring Makes any Home Look Spectacular

Solid Jatoba FlooringSolid Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Regardless of whether you use the name Jatoba or Brazilian cherry, this exotic hardwood is a great choice for flooring, furniture, cabinets, joinery and many other applications. Grown in South America, jatoba / Brazilian cherry is salmon red to orange-brown and is marked with dark brown streaks. Many people also find jatoba appealing because it gives off its golden luster. This hardwood has a grain that is usually interlocked with a medium to coarse texture.

Jatoba Flooring Benefits

Jatoba aka Brazilian cherry also has the following characteristics:

  • Very strong, hard and durable with a Janka hardness of 2820
  • Excellent bending characteristics
  • High shock resistance
  • Can be difficult to work with due to its high density
  • Carbide blades are recommended
  • Does not take a high polish
  • Very resistant to termites and preservative treatments
  • Somewhat difficult to dry, but jatoba seasons at a moderately fast rate
  • Moderate surface checking, warping and case hardening can happen over time

How Durable is Jatoba Flooring?

SPECIE NAME (on the left)JANKA VALUE (on the right)
janka scale
Jatoba 2820
Red Oak1290

Why Choose Advantage for Custom Jatoba Flooring

At Advantage Trim & Lumber Company, we will be honored to fulfill your custom jatoba flooring needs. We own and utilize the best molding machines at our top-of-the-line lumber mills. These machines are designed to effortlessly meet your custom ipe flooring desires to your room’s specific dimensions. Buying direct from Advantage Trim & Lumber Company means that you can be rest easy that your jatoba flooring order will be completed and shipped to you days, not months. We can also provide custom trim, molding up to 8”, railings, and can construct virtually any profile from our vast hardwood inventory.

When you buy from Advantage Trim & Lumber Company, you are ordering your jatoba flooring directly from our lumber mill. By removing the middle man, we can offer our valued customers wholesale flooring prices that are unmatched throughout the industry.

Contact Advantage Trim & Lumber to ask about jatoba flooring and to talk with one of our expert associates. We are your one-stop-source for all your hardwood flooring needs.

Jatoba Flooring Prices

  Flooring Widths (Cost Per Sq. Ft.)
(Rollover prices for corresponding flooring width)
  2-1/4" 3" 3-1/4" 4" 5" Wide Plank Janka Hardness
JatobaCurly Soft Maple Flooring
( 5' to 12')
$10.002-1/4" $10.103" $10.203-1/4" $10.304" $11.405" $12.50Wide Plank 2820 Hardness
JatobaCurly Soft Maple Flooring
( 1' to 7')
$5.002-1/4" $5.003" $5.103-1/4" $5.104" $5.205" N/AWide Plank 2820 Hardness
>> Lengths range between 5' to 12' long (unless noted) <<
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