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- Cable Railing for Your Hardwood Deck

Atlantis Cable Railing gives your deck a five-star, high-end look without the high price tag. Another great benefit to our cable railing systems are how simple they are to install. Constructed from solid stainless steel, these cable railing options will stand the test of time in any environment.

Cable Railing Specifications

Straight Sections
Atlantis Cable Railing offers standard rail heights of 36" or 42" for straight sections

Stair Sections
Rail height for stair sections is available in 36" only.
Note: Railing heights are offered in these dimensions due to nationwide building codes.  However, Advantage Cable Rail can supply custom heights/lengths upon request.

Between Posts Length
Atlantis Cable Rail recommends staying within 4' section lengths to maintain structural integrity. 

Cable Spacing
The cable is spaced on posts at 3" on-center to comply with nationwide building codes.


Cable Railing Main Categories
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Cable Railing
cable railing accessories
Cable Railing Accessories
cable railing tools
Cable Railing Tools


Cable Railing
Photo Item Description Price
cable railing (1') 5/32" Atlantis Cable Rail (pre linear foot) $1.08
cable railing reel (500' Reel) 5/32" Atlantis Cable Rail $429.99


Cable Railing Accessories
Photo Item Description Price
sleeve (1 pc.) Atlantis Cable Rail Cable Sleeve $1.69
sleeve (10 pc pack.) Atlantis Cable Rail Cable Sleeve $14.99
lag stud Lag Stud $8.99
stud assembly Stud Assembly $13.99
swivel end flat (1pc.) Swivel End Flat $15.99
swivel end flat (10 pc.) Swivel End Flat $141.99
turnbuckle (1pc.) Turnbuckle w/ Screws $20.99
turnbuckle (10 pc.) Turnbuckle w/ Screws $189.99
template Template $16.99


Cable Railing Tools
Photo Item Description Price
cutter Heavy Duty Cable Cutter $38.99
install tools Installation Tools $14.99

> All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice <

To Order Advantage Cable Railing:
Call 1-877-232-3915 or 716-827-3915

Cable Railing Installation Diagram
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