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Ipe Decking & Supplies

Also known as: Tabebuia Serratifolia, Pau D'Arco, Ipe Tabaco, Yellow Poui, and Bethabara
ipe decking

Ipe Decking

Advantage Ipe Decking Offers All Natural Beauty
Discover More About Ipe Decking:
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Ipe Decking

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The world's best decking... Welcome to our Ipe Decking and Supplies page. Here you will find the listings for the various sustainable Ipe Decking lumber and supplies needed to build and finish your deck. We directly import our Ipe decking products from well-managed forests in South America. By working with sustainable sources, we are able to hand select the finest Ipe and provide it to our customers at great prices. Be sure to check out our Ipe Decking Reviews to find out more about this great decking material.

Rob Pelc, owner and operator of visits each mill to inspect and personally selects the Ipe he uses for his products. See Rob at one of the Brazilian Ipe decking mills by clicking HERE. Click HERE to see why Ipe is the best decking material in the world! If you have any questions, please contact us! Ipe is such a hard, dense wood it does require a little different method of installation than other decking. Click HERE to read more about it.

Ipe Decking Prices

Ipe Decking Board
Above is an example of a Ipe decking profile. This example is of a 1 x 6 pregrooved Ipe deck board. A "profile" is a diagram of the end of a piece of lumber. You can view more lumber profiles under each decking size below.
on a profile to view a detailed drawing.

Special Limited-Time Offer

Ipe 1x4 Standard

(3′–7′ lengths only)

¾″ x 3 ½″

Ipe 1x6 Standard

(3′–7′ lengths only)

¾″ x 5 ½″

Ipe 5/4x4 Standard

(3′–7′ lengths only)

1″ x 3 ½″

Ipe 5/4x6 Standard

(3′–7′ lengths only)

1″ x 5 ½″

Standard Ipe Decking

Ipe 1x4 Standard

¾″ x 3 ½″

Ipe 1x6 Standard

¾″ x 5 ½″

Ipe 5/4x4 Standard

1″ x 3 ½″

Ipe 5/4x6 Standard

1″ x 5 ½″

Pregrooved Ipe Decking

Ipe Tongue & Groove Porch Decking

Ipe 1x4 Tongue & Groove

11/16″ x 3″

Ipe 1x6 Tongue & Groove

11/16″ x 5″

Ipe 5/4x4 Tongue & Groove

15/16″ x 3″

Ipe 5/4x6 Tongue & Groove

15/16″ x 5″

Dimensional Ipe Lumber

Ipe 5/4x8

1″ x 7 ¼″

Ipe 5/4x10

1″ x 9 ¼″

Ipe 5/4x12

1″ x 11 ¼″

Ipe 2x2

3′–4′ only

1 ½″ x 1 ½″

Ipe 2x2


1 ½″ x 1 ½″
Call for Price

Ipe 2x4

1 ½″ x 3 ½″

Ipe 2x6

1 ½″ x 5 ½″

Ipe 2x8

1 ½″ x 7 ¼″

Ipe 2x10

1 ½″ x 9 ¼″

Ipe 2x12

1 ½″ x 11 ¼″

Ipe 3x6

2 ½″ x 5 ½″

Ipe 3x8

2 ½″ x 7 ¼″

Ipe 4x4

3 ½″ x 3 ½″

Ipe 6x6

5 ½″ x 5 ½″

Ipe Quarter-Round Molding

½″ x ¾″

Ipe Railing System

Ipe Large Rail Cap

Click here for more info on our handrail system.

Click Image for Specs

Ipe Small Rail Cap

Click here for more info on our handrail system.

Click Image for Specs

Ipe Subrail

Click here for more info on our handrail system.

Click Image for Specs

Ipe Post Cap

1 ½″ thick
Various Sizes
$27.50 ea.
  • 9 ¼″ x 9 ¼″
  • 7 ¼″ x 7 ¼″
  • 5 ½″ x 5 ½″

Ipe Slip Post

Click here for more info on slip posts.

7″ x 7″ x 48″
$183.02 ea.
*Tongue & Groove is for use under covered porches only.
Decking sold in even and odd lengths between 6' to 20'.
We can pull your order to specific lengths.
Add an additional upcharge of $0.80 per lineal foot for 15+ foot lengths.
Add $1.00 per lineal foot for 19' & 20' lengths.
We ship Ipe decking worldwide!!!

> All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice <

You Deserve the Best Decking

You deserve a deck that will last more than a few years. A deck that you’ll spend more time enjoying it and less taking care of it. A deck where memories will be created for generations!

Our Ipe decking gives you:

  • Peace of mind with all natural chemical free wood.
  • Great performance under any weather condition thanks to its hardness.
  • Worry-free decking because its natural oils make it mold, rot, and termite resistance.
  • A great return on investment since it lasts well over 75+ years!
FEATURED PROJECT: Ipe Deck with Outdoor Cooking Area - San Francisco, CA
Interested In Buying Ipe Decking? Choose the method that's most convenient for you...
Custom Ipe Decking Quote Call Us Directly 1.877.232.3915 Buy Ipe Decking Online 24/7

Ipe Decking Accessories Price List

Ipe Plugs

3/8″ tapered wood plugs. These are convenient to plug holes left by face screwed ipe decking planks. For more info... Ipe plug specs & pictures
100 Pack: $15.00
1,000 Pack: $130.00

Extreme Plugs

Patent pending. These premium plugs have numerous advantages over traditional wood plugs. Learn more about DeckWise® Extreme Plugs.
3/8″ 100 Pack: $20.00
3/8″ 1,000 Pack: $175.00
10mm 100 Pack: $22.00
10mm 1,000 Pack: $195.00
12mm 100 Pack: $22.00
12mm 1,000 Pack: $195.00

Ipe Clip®

An edge-mount deck fastening system made in the USA by DeckWise®. No surface screws showing! These clips are plolymer-molded and reinforced with a stainless steel insert. They are designed for use with ¾″, 1″, or thicker material. Each pack comes with high-grade 305 stainless steel screws with painted heads and a T15 torx drive. These are the best screws available for decking and are great for salt water applications! Learn more about the Ipe Clip® system.

Approximate coverage for one box of Ipe Clip<sup>®</sup> fasteners.
Standard: $96.00 per box
Extreme: $119.00 per box
ExtremeKD: $119.00 per box

Ipe Oil

VOC Compliant. Specially formulated for use on Ipe and other exotic hardwood products, this finish is perfect for all the decking species that we offer. Ipe Oil offers excellent UV protection that will keep your deck as beautiful as the day it was installed. 1 gallon covers approximately 300 square feet. Learn more about Ipe Oil.

Advantage Trim & Lumber Co. End Sealer

End sealer for coating end grain cuts. Approximately 1 quart for every 500 square feet of decking.
$22.00 per qt.

Hardwood Wrench

The DeckWise® self-locking board-straightening tool offers 1,100 pounds of force. This made-in-the-USA tools will hold deck boards straight, leaving your hands free to install fasteners. It locks into place and provides much more bending power than other straightening methods. Learn more about the Hardwood Wrench.
$219.00 each

DeckWise® Decking Screws

Reliability and high quality are the standards the DeckWise decking screws live by. Made from 305 stainless steel, the DeckWise® screws are made to last in marine environments, snowy mountain climates, humid tropical regions, or dry deserts. DeckWise® screws feature:

#8 x 2″, 305 Stainless T15 Star Drive Screws

100 pcs.

#8 x 2″, 305 Stainless T15 Star Drive Screws

350 pcs.

#8 x 2″, 305 Stainless T15 Star Drive Screws

1050 pcs.

#8 x 2″, 305 Stainless T15 Star Drive Screws

1750 pcs.
> All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice <

Ipe Decking Thicknesses

ipe decking thicknesses
Above Diagram: This image shows the different thicknesses of Ipe Decking.

Here is an explanation of the Ipe Decking thicknesses that we sell:

Featured Decking Project

You Supply the View. We Supply the Wood.

What sets 1x6 +PLUS® Ipe apart from thinner decking material? Discover what Todd Miller of Nathan-Tyler Remodeling in Boca Grande, FL was able to build using 1x6 +PLUS® Advantage Ipe Decking. From the deck, to stairs, to siding, this massive deck serves as the ultimate outdoor living space.

Watch Extreme Ipe Decking Tests on DeckBusters

deck busters


Watch Advantage Ipe Decking get put to the test! DeckBusters is a web series that compares today's decking under extreme conditions. Finally, a really easy way to see just how strong and durable these materials really are!

Featured Decking Products

Deck Calculator

Square Footage Calculator for Standard or Pregrooved Decking

Use the above Deck Calculator to calculate the square footage of your deck into linear footage of standard or pregrooved decking material. For more on lumber sizing be sure visit our lumber sizes page.

Square Footage Calculator for T&G Porch Decking

Use the above Deck Calculator to calculate the square footage of your deck into linear footage of tongue & groove decking material. For more on lumber sizing be sure visit our lumber sizes page.

Rustic (B-Grade) Ipe Decking Sale

b-grade ipe decking
B-grade Ipe Decking contains defects such as knots, milling errors, pin holes and other irregularities.

The defects in our B-Grade Ipe Decking can not be included in our standard Ipe Decking. But we are offering this B-Grade Decking to our customers at a drastically reduced price. Check out the savings BELOW!!!

Also you can visit our Rustic Decking page for additional photos & info

Rustic (B-Grade) Ipe Decking Sale

Ipe 1x6 Standard

¾″ x 5 ½″

Ipe 2x6

1 ½″ x 5 ½″

Ipe 5/4x4 Standard

1″ x 3 ½″

Ipe 5/4x6 Standard

1″ x 5 ½″
**Limited to Current in Stock Material. Please Call For Availability.**
pressure treated framing

The Best Ipe Decks

Are Framed with Pressure Treated Lumber From

Tongue & Groove Ipe Porch Decking

t and g decking
T & G Decking gets installed like traditional flooring with NO GAP inbetween boards
**For this reason Tongue & Groove is only recommended for use under a covered porch roof.**
ipe t and g

Ipe T & G Decking

Ipe decking boasts such wonderfully rich & sophisticated colors

Ipe Flooring Prices

>All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice <

Click here for more info on Interior hardwood flooring

Interior Flooring sold standard 1' to 7' long,  Average Length 3' 6" long. Clear Grade, Kiln Dried 6 to 8%.  Tongue & Grooved, End Matched Our interior hardwood flooring is precision milled for excellent fit on the T&G.

Ipe Custom Milling

Ipe Custom Milling... We can custom mill just about anything you need out of Ipe. To view some of the stock items we have milled out of Ipe Click HERE.

Exclusive Ipe Handrail System! Click HERE to see more about this system.

Prices are based per custom job.

ipe siding

Ipe Siding

Find Out About Durable, Long-Lasting Ipe Siding »

Ipe Shipping Times

City, State Time City, State Time
Baltimore , Maryland (MD) 1-2 Days Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN) 3-5 Days
Boston, Massachusetts (MA) 2-3 Days Nashville, Tennessee (TN) 2-3 Days
Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) 1-2 Days Orlando, Florida (FL) 1-2 Days
Chicago, Illinois (IL) 2-4 Days Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania (PA)
1-2 Days
Cincinnati, Ohio (OH) 1-2 Days Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) 1-2 Days
Dallas, Texas (TX) 3-4 Days Raleigh, North Carolina (NC) 1-2 Days
Denver, Colorado (CO) 4-5 Days Richmond, Virginia (VA) 1-2 Days
Greenville, South Carolina (SC) 1-2 Days Salt Lake City, Utah (UT) 4-5 Days
Kansas City, Missouri (MO) 3-4 Days San Diego, California (CA) 1-2 Days
Long Island, New York (NY) 1-3 Days San Francisco, California (CA) 1-2 Days
Los Angeles, California (CA) 1-2 Days Seattle, Washington (WA) 5+ Days
Memphis, Tennessee (TN) 2-3 Days Tampa, Florida (FL) 1-2 Days
New Jersey 1-3 Days NJ Coast 1-3 Days
Shipping Times May VARY... Please Contact Us For Exact Shipping Times and Rates

Why Ipe?

Check out our dedicated website for Ipe Decking. Go to The largest Ipe Decking resource on the web.

20-Year Ipe Decking Warranty