Cedar Wood Flooring

We offer the highest quality Cedar Wood Flooring at deeply discounted pricing.

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Cedar Wood Flooring Gives Your Home a Classic & Traditional Feel

Cedar is one of the most popular woods in North America. Some people choose cedar flooring because of the delicate fragrance it emits. Cedar has a very fine grain and is mostly a red-colored wood. However, the sapwood of Cedar is practically white. Cedar is also known as Southern Red Juniper, Savin, Pencil Cedar, & Pencil Juniper. Cedar is used primarily in applications like furniture, shingles, and boat building. Due to its pleasant aroma, rooms that have been outfitted with cedar furniture can be easily distinguished.

Cedar Wood Benefits

Cedar wood has the following characteristics:

  • Medium density wood with a Janka hardness of 900
  • Low bending and resistance to shock loads
  • Medium crushing strength and low stiffness
  • Average steam bending classification
  • Simple to work with any tool
  • sapwood is prone to attack by the common furniture beetle
  • Nailed, screwed and glued joints hold perfectly
  • Cedar can hold stained, polished or painted  enamels
  • Will not warp or check when kiln-dried
  • Air dying leads to little degradation

How Hard & Durable is Cedar Flooring?

SPECIE NAME (on the left)JANKA VALUE (on the right)
janka scale
Cedar 900
Red Oak1290

Why Choose Advantage for Custom Cedar Flooring

At Advantage Trim & Lumber Company, we are ready to meet your custom cedar flooring and ipe flooring needs. We own first-class molding machines at our wholly owned and operated top-of-the-line lumber mills. These machines are designed to effortlessly meet your custom ipe flooring desires to your room’s unique dimensions. By ordering direct from Advantage Trim & Lumber Company, you can be rest assured that your order of cedar flooring will be fulfilled and shipped to you days, not months. We also offer custom molding up to 8”, trim, railings, and can manufacture practically any profile from our extensive hardwood inventory.

When you choose Advantage Trim & Lumber Company, you are ordering your cedar flooring directly from our lumber mill. By cutting out the middle man, we are able to provide wholesale flooring pricing that is unparalleled throughout the industry.

Contact Advantage Trim & Lumber to inquire about cedar flooring and to speak with one of our expert associates. We are your one-stop-source for all your hardwood flooring needs.

Cedar Wood Flooring Prices

  Flooring Widths (Cost Per Sq. Ft.)
(Rollover prices for corresponding flooring width)
  2-1/4" 3" 3-1/4" 4" 5" Wide Plank Janka Hardness
CedarCedar Wood Flooring
(5' to 12')
$5.502-1/4" $5.803" $6.003-1/4" $6.254" $6.505" $7.50Wide Plank 900 Hardness
>> Lengths range between 5' to 12' long (unless noted) <<
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