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Ipe Plugs

Premium grade for Ipe Decking

3/8″ Ipe Plugs

ipe plugs
Package of Ipe Plugs

Ipe Plug Length approx. 3/8"

Ipe Plug Diameter 3/8"

Amount of Taper 1 degree

Note:  Ipe Plug Measurements are approximate. 

Ipe Plugs Pricing

Wood Plugs

3/8″ tapered wood plugs. These DeckWise® plugs are convenient for plugging holes left in face-screwed exotic wood decking planks.
100 Pack: $15.00
1,000 Pack: $130.00

Extreme Plugs

Patent pending. These premium plugs have numerous advantages over traditional wood plugs. Learn more about DeckWise® Extreme Plugs.
3/8″ 100 Pack: $20.00
3/8″ 1,000 Pack: $175.00
10mm 100 Pack: $22.00
10mm 1,000 Pack: $195.00
12mm 100 Pack: $22.00
12mm 1,000 Pack: $195.00

Our Ipe plugs are manufactured from our premium grade Ipe Decking to give a good match once installed in your decking project.  These are often used on stairs, railings, or even the deck surface to hide screws holes.