Wood Terms - A Lumber Glossary from A - Z

A complete "Woodipedia" of lumber terms for experts & amateur woodworkers alike.

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Lumber Glossary Term Definition

The brush under a stand of timber.

Undercut A wedge-shaped notch cut in the base of a tree to govern the direction of its fall. This is also known as a box or a notch.

A layer of plywood or other manufactured board used as a base material under finished flooring. Underlayment is often used as a substrate to increase the strength and/or smoothness of the flooring.

Uneven-Aged Management

A Silvicultural system in which individual trees originate at different times and result in a forest with trees of all ages and sizes. Harvest cuts are on an individual-tree selection basis.

Unloaded Deflection The vertical distance between the chord and the unloaded skyline, measured at mid-span.
Unmerchantable Wood Material that is unsuitable for conversion to industrial wood products due to size, form, or quality. May include rough, rotten, and dead trees; the tops, limbs, and cull sections fro, harvested trees; or small and noncommercial trees.
Upper Stem Portion Saw timber tree bole extending from above the merchantable top to as minimum four-inch top diameter outside bark or to the point where the central stems break into limbs.
Utility Knife A cutting tool used in various trades and crafts for a variety of purposes. Designed to be lightweight, easy to carry and use.

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