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A complete "Woodipedia" of lumber terms for experts & amateur woodworkers alike.

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Wood Terms that Start with "Y"
Lumber Glossary Term Definition

The place where logs are accumulated.

Yard Lumber Lumber of those grades, sizes and patterns generally intended for ordinary construction and general building purposes.

A system of power-operated winches used to haul logs from a stump to a landing. This is also known as a donkey.

Yarder Wood

Wood brought into a yard in the form of tree lengths, logs, or bolts, to be cut into shorter lengths.

Yarding of Unmerchantable Material Yarding of cull, rotten, small, or otherwise unusable wood material to be a designated area for disposal is written into the timber contract. This is required on all USDA Forest Service timber sale contracts.
Yarding Road

A path followed by a turn of logs yarded by a cable method.

Yarding Tower

Steel tower used on a steel spar skidder. A light-weight tower built on a tractor.

Yardstick A wooden rule 36” long.
  • Bright yellow heartwood
  • Fine, straight grain
  • Medium texture
  • Work easily with hand and power tools
  • Used for decorative veneer, inlay, and marquetry.
Yield The amount of product output recovered from a quantity of raw material input in forest product industries. Estimate in forest menstruation of the amount of wood that may be harvested from a particular type of forest stand by species, site, stocking, and management regime at various ages.
Yoke The heavy “U”-shaped part of a block by which the pulley is attached.

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