Padauk Lumber

Padauk Lumber

African Padauk
DESCRIPTION African Padauk heartwood is vivid blood red, toning down to a dark purple-brown with red streaks upon exposure. Grain is straight to interlocked. Texture is similar to African mahogany, being slightly open grained. Weight varies from about 40lbs to 50lbs per cu. ft.
Typical Width = 5" to 13"       Typical Length =  6' to 16'
BOTANICAL NAME Pterocarpus Soyauxii
OTHER NAMES Camwood, Barwood, Corail
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Excellent strength characteristics, especially in bending and crushing strengths. Medium stiffness and resistance to shock loads.
WORKING PROPERTIES Only slight blunting effect on cutters despite its heavy weight. Machines very easily. Nails, screws, and glues very well. Polishes easily to a excellent finish.
DURABILITY Heartwood is very durable and moderately resistant to preservative treatment.
SEASONING Dries rapidly and well with minimum degradation. Exceptionally small movement.
USES Due to its high strength, durability and outstanding stability, this wood is ideal for high-class joinery, furniture and cabinetmaking. Also for fancy turning, carving, tool and knife handles, paddles and oars, and decorative veneers.
COMMENTS High abrasion resistance make it an excellent heavy-duty flooring timber. Suitable for use with under-floor heating systems due to its excellent dimensional stability. Renowned as a dye wood.

African Padauk Lumber

janka hardness: 1970
For more info on the janka hardness scale CLICK HERE

African Padauk Lumber Prices

8/4 African Padauk Lumber

Starting From $11.00

4/4 African Padauk Lumber

Starting From $10.80
> All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice <

Additional Photos

padauk flooring
Custom Milled Paduak Flooring
padauk flooring
Custom Milled Paduak Flooring
padauk lumber
front view
african padauk lumber
Above:  Built in wall unit by Rob Pelc.  100% solid African Padauk wainscoting, raised panels, & crown molding.  This wood is a great alternative to cherry as there is no sapwood to worry about.  It is also more durable then cherry.  Gorilla glue works best as white glue can fail because of the oil content.  This wood appears orange when freshly milled, then turns to a deep red color upon exposure to air & sun.  Water base or Lacquer finishes will retain color the best.  Polyurethane will not dry properly and will cause the wood to turn a brownish color.

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Jonny T. says:

The in wall unit made from Padauk lumber above is very impressive. I want to build a cabinet with Padauk because the color of the lumber really gives the furniture a unique look.

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