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California Lumber Mill Tour

Hello and Welcome to Our California Tour!

California Decking Warehouse

decking inventory
Decking inventory in our California facility ready to be shipped to our west coast customers.
california decking warehouse
a. Our CA facility can house over one million linear feet of our Brazilian Decking.
deck tiles california
The California facility has a HUGE inventory of Deck Tiles ready to ship to your home or jobsite.
exotic deck tiles
Ipe, Tigerwood, or Cumaru, we have deck tiles available to ship to your home or job site from our CA facility.
deck tiles
At our CA facility we have a wide selection and quantity of our Advantage Deck Tiles®
decking warehouse california
We constantly receive new decking from Brazil so all our west coast customers always find what they are looking for.
Ipe, Cumaru, and Tigerwood decking
All sizes and lengths of Ipe, Cumaru, and Tigerwood are readily available.

California Lumber Mill

computer controlled milling
Computer controlled machinery allow us to offer precision milled decking.
computer controlled milling
State-of-the-art machinery shortens production time which helps us get you your decking order as fast as possible.
Running a decking order through our Weinig Powermat 600
milling tigerwood decking
Milling pre-grooved Tigerwood for one of our local customers in the Los Angeles Area
tigerwood decking order
lumber molder
Our German molder ensures that each board that’s milled matches perfectly with all our profile standards
dust collection
Our dust collection system in CA mill.

California Deck Accessories

decking accessories
California has a complete line of decking accessories in stock ready to be shipped with decking orders.

California Wood Slabs

We also house a wide variety of wood slabs that our Florida Mill is producing. There's more to come in a many more species and sizes.

California Showroom/Sales Office

california decking sales office
Edgar and Jonathan are two of our reps in CA and Steven keeps our entire inventory accurate.
sales office
Matt, Nathan, and Paul are helping customers and will be the first sales persons to greet you when you walk through our doors.
california showroom
Stop in to our California showroom to see our complete line of Exotic Hardwood Decking & Deck Accessories.
decking accessories
Decking accessories are in stock at our California facility.

California Decking/Lumber Shipments

decking orders
Our local orders are many, but we do ship all over the western part of the U.S and western Canada.
decking orders
A couple of bundles ready to be delivered locally and some deck tiles and boards to be picked up by a customer.

Thank You For Touring Our California Mill

Thanks for touring our California Mill. Feel free to stop by and see the mill for yourself in person!

Find Out More About Our California Facility

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