wood slabs

Wood Slabs

We have 1,000s of slabs for sale. Visit our dedicated slab site to pick your individual slab.
jatoba wood slab
Jatoba wood slab

The Application Choices are ENDLESS with Our Wood Slabs!

We cut a variety of domestic & exotic species into lumber and slabs up to 67” wide. Each one of our slabs can be crafted into furniture, table tops, counters and much more.

Over 70 Lumber Species Available:


Wood Slab Pictures

small lumber mill wood slabs
Our Small mill cutting logs up to 36″.
large lumber mill wood slabs
Our large mill cutting logs up to 67″. In this photo a Monkey Pod log is being milled.
eucalyptus wood slab
Here our large mill is cutting a Eucalyptus Log. Shop Our Eucalyptus Lumber »
eucalyptus wood slabs
Here is a Eucalyptus Wood Slab. Shop Our Eucalyptus Wood Slabs »
indian roeswood wood slab
Indian Rosewood Slabs
monkey pod wood slabs
Monkey Pod Wood Slabs
florida lumber mill
Our vacuum kiln with wood slabs about to be dried.
florida lumber mill
A log being transported to our lumber mill to get milled.

Buy Direct From The Mill & SAVE!

FEATURED WOOD SLABS: Indian Rosewood Slabs

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