new york decking mill

New York Lumber Mill Tour

Hello and Welcome to Our New York Tour!

Decking Warehouse

brazilian lumber production facility
Above is a photo of the large quantity of decking we have in stock at our Buffalo, NY Facility.
brazilian lumber production facility
Our New York facility is always fully stocked with a full range of decking products.
brazilian lumber production facility
Exotic hardwood decking ready to be shipped.

New York Lumber Mill

brazilian lumber production facility
Our new Weinig Powermat 600 Euopean molder which produces the highest quality decking, flooring, & trim profiles.
hardwood decking production facility in buffalo
A piece of lumber being sent through Our second Weinig Unimat 500 molder.
hardwood decking production facility in buffalo
We carefully inspect all of our lumber products to make sure they meet your high standards.
hardwood decking production facility in buffalo
We custom mill each order direct to your specifications.
custom lumber milling
We custom mill each order - Call us today with your job.
brazilian lumber production facility
We utilize our Baker resaw to produce our thin wood offerings as well as resawing lumber for custom milled lumber orders.
brazilian lumber production facility
New dust collection system for our NY lumber mill.

Milling Custom Hardwood Flooring

milling custom flooring
This was a 7″ wide custom Cumaru Flooring job. Here we are using our straightliner to make flooring blanks.
milling custom flooring molder
Running Cumaru flooring blanks through our European high-precision molder.
milling custom flooring finished
Wide-plank Cumaru hardwood flooring ready to be installed.

Decking Accessories

hardwood decking production facility in buffalo
Decking accessories ready to be shipped to your home or job site.
hardwood decking production facility in buffalo
We also keep a full range of decking screws and a wide variety of deck accessories in stock; we're your one-stop-shop for all your decking needs!

New York Showroom

new york lumber showroom
We offer over 100 species of hardwood lumber. Our New York showroom features samples for a selection of these hardwoods. We also are now carrying handmade exotic cutting boards & hardwood butcher block panels for sale.
new york showroom deck samples
Stop in to our New York showroom to see samples of our Exotic decking, siding, & deck tiles.
new york showroom slab table
This beautiful wood slab table adorns the front office of our New York office. The table was made by our hardwood expert Shawn Morgan. The legs and base are handcrafted from old steel beams reclaimed from a renovation of the mill and the table top is from a live-edge Australian Beefwood wood slab.

New York Wood Slabs

new york wood slabs
Come check out our selection of wood slabs at our New York location.
wood slab rack
We offer a wide variety of wood slabs at our Buffalo facility.

New York Decking/Lumber Shipping

new york lumber shipment
We distribute our large decking orders to customers' door steps.
new york decking shipment
Truck and forklift ready to transfer lumber into our Buffalo, NY facility.
new york lumber shipment
Lumber that is ready to be unloaded into our facility.

Thank You For Touring Our New York Mill

new york thank you
Thanks for touring our New York Mill. Feel free to stop by and see the mill for yourself in person!

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