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florida decking mill

Florida Location

Florida Decking Warehouse

florida lumber mill
Our Florida location is stocked with a full line of outdoor hardwood decking.
florida lumber mill
We have long length hardwood decking in stock ready to be shipped to your home or jobsite.

Florida Lumber Mill

florida lumber mill
Our Florida facility manager, David James, giving detailed instructions to our milling staff.
milling decking
Milling Ipe decking.
florida lumber mill
Florida mill workers processing a decking order.
florida lumber mill
Here a mill worker uses a straightliner to cut a board to a specified custom dimension.
florida lumber mill
Another shot of the straightliner in our Florida facility.
florida lumber mill
Our Florida molder operator milling an Ipe decking order.
florida lumber mill
Our Florida facility has the finest European wood working equipment to process orders to exact customer specifications.

Cutting Wood Slabs

lumber logs
Logs ready to be processed at our Florida lumber mill.
transporting logs
Transporting logs to be processed
cutting logs
Cutting wood slabs
large lumber mill
Our large lumber mill cutting a log.
wood slab cutting
Preparing a log for milling.
wood slab cut
Here is a log that has been cut on our large Woodmizer, WM1000.
wood slabs
Cleaning off saw dust from a freshly cut log.
florida lumber mill
Our Small mill cutting logs up to 36″.
florida lumber mill
Our large mill cutting logs up to 67″. In this photo a Monkey Pod log is being milled.
florida lumber mill
Here our large mill is cutting a Eucalyptus Log. Shop Our Eucalyptus Lumber »
florida lumber mill
Our vacuum kiln with wood slabs about to be dried.
florida lumber mill
A log being transported to our lumber mill to get milled.

Florida Lumber Kilns

lumber kiln
Large lumber kiln at our Florida facility.
loading lumber kiln
Loading our lumber kiln.
lumber kiln
Loading our lumber kiln with another load of hardwood lumber.
vacupress lumber kiln
Vacupress 2000 - Vacuum kiln.

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