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Hardwoods. Composites. PVC. No material is safe!

If you listen to other decking manufacturers, you've heard hardwoods are a waste of your time and money. Who's right? What's really true? What's just a myth?

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DeckBusters™ - Decking Vs. Charcoal - Episode IV

Ever wonder what would happen to a deck if a charcoal grill tipped over? On this episode of DeckBusters™, Mike and Emily do all the dirty work for you! They test the intense heat of hot charcoal against composite decking, the new capstock decking, cedar wood, and Advantage Ipe™. What will these deck boards look like after the charcoal is removed?

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DeckBusters™ - Decking Vs. Blow Torch - Episode III

Decking versus fire. That's what this episode of DeckBusters™ is all about. Watch as Mike and Emily take a blow torch to today's most popular decking materials: traditional wood-fiber composite, Capstock decking, and Advantage Ipe™. While the damage is inevitable, the question this test answers is "Can your deck be salvaged after direct contact with fire?" Watch the results below.

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DeckBusters™ - Decking Vs. SUV - Episode II

On this episode of DeckBusters™ you'll see what "bending strength" is all about. Discover how Advantage Ipe™ compares to the new decking options (Capstock Composite and PVC). How will wood and plastic decking hold up against the weight of a 2-ton mid-sized SUV? Check out the video to find out!

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DeckBusters™ - Decking Vs. The Axe - Episode I

On this episode of DeckBusters™ you'll see how the latest decking materials hold up against high-impact testing. See traditional composite, the new capstock decking, and Advantage Ipe™ get hit with an axe! How will these 1" decking boards hold up? Watch the video below to find out!

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Who Are the DeckBusters™? - 30 Second Sneak Preview

DeckBusters™ is a web series that cuts through the talk. Check out the 30 second clip below for a sneak peek! When you subscribe to the series, you'll see exactly how decking materials perform under the pressure of extreme stress tests.

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