Birch Lumber

Birch Lumber

birchwood lumber
DESCRIPTION Birch has light yellow sapwood and reddish brown heartwood. Once stained, the color differences are less pronounced. It has straight, close grain and a fine, even texture.
Weight is about 44lbs per cu. ft.
North America
OTHER NAMES Betula Wood, Grey Birch, Silver Birch, Hard Birch, American Birch
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES High bending and crushing strength. Very good steam bending characteristics. High shock resistance.
WORKING PROPERTIES Works fairly easily with hand and power tools. Moderate dulling effect on cutters. Curly or disturbed grain wood requires reduced cutting angles. Glues well. Takes stain and polish extremely well.
DURABILITY Perishable and susceptible to attack by common furniture beetle. Heartwood is moderately resistant to preservative treatment. Sapwood is permeable.
SEASONING Dries slowly with little degradation. Large movement.
USES Furniture, high-grade joinery and flooring, upholstery frames, high-grade plywood, paneling, veneers.
COMMENTS Its uniform, dense surface, free of large groups of pores, make it an unequalled base for white enameling. Curly grained or strongly figured varieties are marked in the UK as "Canadian Silky Wood".

Birch Lumber

janka hardness: 1260
For more info on the janka hardness scale CLICK HERE

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