blackwood lumber
DESCRIPTION Dark purple brown with black streaks which predominate, giving an almost black appearance. Grain direction is usually straight, but sometimes variable. Extremely fine, even texture and slightly oily to the touch. It is exceptionally hard.
Weight approximately 75 lbs per cu. ft.
BOTANICAL NAME Dalbergia Melanoxylon
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES African Blackwood is an exceptionally heavy and dense wood and is not used for steam bending purposes, but is very tough and strong in all categories.
WORKING PROPERTIES Difficult to work offering extreme resistance to cutting edges and very severe blunting effect. Stellite or tungsten carbide tipped saw teeth essential. In machining it tends to rise on the cutters. Pre-boring for nailing and screwing is required. Finishes exceptionally well.
DURABILITY Sapwood liable to attack by powder post beetle; the heartwood is very durable and extremely resistant to preservative treatment.
SEASONING Usually partially dried in log or billet form and then converted, end-coated and stacked under cover. Dries extremely slowly, and heart shakes are common. Great care in handling is required to avoid degrade. Small movement in service.
USES Especially sought after for use in woodwind instruments, ornamental work, turnery, chessmen, carved figures, walking sticks, knife handles, bearings and slides, pulley blocks and inlay work.
COMMENTS Its natural oiliness and resistance to climatic change make it an excellent substitute for ebony.

Blackwood Lumber

janka hardness: 3670
For more info on the janka hardness scale CLICK HERE

African Blackwood Lumber Prices

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