bloodwood lumber
DESCRIPTION Bloodwood heartwood varies from gray-red to a deep rich red. Grain varies from straight to variable. It's texture is fine and smooth. The wood is lustrous and sometimes has variegated yellow and red stripes.
Weight is about 63lbs per cu. ft.
Typical Width = 4" to 10"
Typical Length = 4' to 12'
South America (Venezuela, Peru, Panama, Brazil)
BOTANICAL NAME Brosimum Rubescens
OTHER NAMES Muirapiranga, Satine, Rubane, Cardinal Wood
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES High bending and crushing strength. Medium stiffness and resistance to shock, but tends to splinter. Low steam bending characteristics.
WORKING PROPERTIES Although hard and tough, it works easily with hand and power tools. May need pre-drilling for nailing. Holds screws well. Glues, stains and polishes to a very good finish.  Use Gorilla glue or epoxy for best results.
DURABILITY Durable and very resistant to preservative treatment.
SEASONING Dries slowly without much degradation. Small movement.
USES Cabinet making, furniture, decorative inlay, marquetry work, fancy boxes, turning, veneers.
COMMENTS Bloodwood ages to a deep brown color. Lacquer or water based finishes extends aging to help preserve red color.

Bloodwood Lumber

janka hardness: 2900
For more info on the janka hardness scale CLICK HERE

Bloodwood Lumber Prices

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Additional Photos

bloodwood lumber
Above:  This wall carving is from Bloodwood.  It is a difficult wood to carve, but can be brought to a very nice polish.

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