Burmese Teak
DESCRIPTION Burmese Teak heartwood is a uniform golden brown without markings. Grain is usually straight to slightly wavy. Texture is coarse, uneven and oily to the touch, sometimes with a white glistening deposit.
Weight varies from about 38lbs to 43lbs per cu. ft.
Southeast Asia (Burma, Union of Myanmar)
BOTANICAL NAME Tectona Grandis
OTHER NAMES Pahi, Mai Sak, Sagwan, Tekku, Sagon, Tegina, Jati Sak, Djati, Gia Thi
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Medium bending and high crush strength. Low stiffness and resistance to shock. Fissile and brittle with great dimensional stability. Moderate steam bending characteristics.
WORKING PROPERTIES Medium resistance to cutting tools with a severe blunting effect. Pre-drilling required for nailing. Gluing is good on freshly planed or sanded surfaces. Fine machine dust is a skin irritant. Stains well and takes a satisfactory finish, especially an oil finish.
DURABILITY Very durable. Susceptible to insect attack. Extremely resistant to preservative treatment.
SEASONING Dries well, but slowly. Variations in drying rates can occur in individual pieces. Standing trees are girdled and left to dry for three years before felling. Small movement.
USES Extensively used in ship and boat building for decking, rails, hatches, etc. Furniture and cabinetmaking, flooring, garden furniture, chemical vats, fume ducts, laboratory benches, plywood, and decorative veneers.
COMMENTS Acid and fire resistant. Due to US sanctions, we cannot sell true Burmese teak. The teak we sell is responsibly harvested from plantations in Africa, India, and Central and South America, and were planted with seeds harvested from true Burmese teak. You can rest assured that none of our teak has been harvested from Conflict zones such as Myanmar.

Burmese Teak Lumber

janka hardness: 1050
For more info on the janka hardness scale CLICK HERE

Teak Grading

Teak wood comes in three grades:

Only naturally occurring Burmese Teak produces FEQ grade lumber. Plantation Teak is only available in Premium and Select/Common grades.

Burmese Teak Lumber Prices

6/4 Burmese Teak Lumber

Starting From $25.00

8/4 Burmese Teak Lumber

Starting From $42.50

4/4 Burmese Teak Lumber

Starting From $24.00

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