Aromatic Cedar Lumber

Aromatic Cedar Lumber

Aromatic Cedar lumber
DESCRIPTION Cedar is red in color and the thin sapwood is nearly white. The grain is very fine and even except for knots. It has a delicate fragrance.
Average Weight is 2.5 lbs per bf
North America
BOTANICAL NAME Juniperus Virginiana
OTHER NAMES Incense Cedar, Eastern Red Cedar, Southern Red Juniper, Savin, Pencil Cedar, Pencil Juniper
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES This medium density wood has low bending and resistance to shock loads, low stiffness and medium crushing strength. It also has a medium steam bending classification.
WORKING PROPERTIES It is easy to work with hand and power tools and can be planed to a very smooth finish. Nailed, screwed and glued joints hold perfectly, and it can be stained, polished or painted and holds hard enamels.
DURABILITY Non-durable, the sapwood is prone to attack by the common furniture beetle. It is moderately resistant to preservative treatment and the sapwood is permeable.
SEASONING Kiln dries easily and well with no risk of checking or warping, and air dries with little degradation. Small movement in service.
USES Chests, furniture, shingles, boat building, and
COMMENTS The smell of cedar is quite pleasant and gives any room an old world feeling.

Cedar Lumber

janka hardness: 900
For more info on the janka hardness scale CLICK HERE

Aromatic Cedar Lumber Prices

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Aromatic Cedar Pictures

Aromatic Cedar Lumber
Aromatic Cedar Lumber
Aromatic Cedar Lumber

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