holly lumber
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holly lumber
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DESCRIPTION Holly Lumber is generally white in color with its sapwood being more white than the heartwood. Holly features a irregular, very close grain an an even, very fine texture.
Weight is about 36lbs per cu. ft.
North America
OTHER NAMES White Holly, Christmas Holly
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Holly lumber is a tough, heavy wood and is noted to be hard in all categories.
WORKING PROPERTIES The irregular grain pattern of Holly Lumber makes it extremely difficult when sawing or planing the wood. With very sharp knives or wood working tools, Holly machines very well.
DURABILITY Holly lumber offers little to no natural resistance to insect attack and decay-causing fungi. This is of little worry because the uses of holly do not put it at risk of these problems.
SEASONING When cutting Holly winter is the optimal time because sunlight on fresh cut lumber will cause discolouration. When fresh cut lumber ois allowed to discolor in this manner it is very difficult to get the natural color back.

Piano and organ keys, inlay lines, carving, fine turnery. When dyed black is holly is a fine substitute for Ebony.

COMMENTS Holly is used in the Eastern United States for its foliage and berries, used for Christmas decorations, and for ornamental plantings.

Holly Lumber

janka hardness: 1020
For more info on the janka hardness scale CLICK HERE

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