Imbuia lumber
DESCRIPTION Imbuia's color ranges from a yellowish tone or olive all the way to chocolate brown. The sapwood is in contrast to the heartwood because it tends be be grayish in color. This is a lustrous wood that features a fine texture. The grain ranges between straight and curly or wavy.

South America (Brazil)

BOTANICAL NAME Phoebe porosa
OTHER NAMES Canella Imbuia, Embuia, Embuya, Imbuya
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES This wood has janka hardness of 950
WORKING PROPERTIES The wood of imbuia saws and machines satisfactorily. It also takes stains and finishes quite well.
DURABILITY This lumber is quite hard and dense. Imbuia is commonly noted for its resistance to marring, denting, and wear. Its also known for its resistance to decay.
SEASONING Imbuia is rated as easy to air-season with a slight tendency to check and with moderate warping; drying was uniformly rapid.
USES Outdoor Decking, flooring, cogs and shafts, heavy construction, barge and dock fenders, railroad crossties, pulp mill equipment, tool handles, bearings, turnery. A substitute for lignum vitae.
COMMENTS Imbuia is one of the most important commercial species in Brazil

Imbuia Lumber

janka hardness: 950
For more info on the janka hardness scale CLICK HERE

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