Jatoba Lumber

Jatoba Lumber

Brazilian Cherry Specs

Brazilian Cherry Lumber Prices

4/4 Brazilian Cherry Lumber

Starting From $7.80

Brazilian Cherry Blanks Photos

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Additional Photos

jatoba fireplace
Above:  Fireplace mantel built by Rob Pelc using Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry).  This can be a difficult wood to work because of the density, but the end results are beautiful & durable.
jatoba fireplace detail
Above: Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) Fireplace mantel close up details.
brazilian cherry logs
Above:  Some enormous logs.  Notice the small amount of sapwood on the Brazilian Cherry logs.
jatoba lumber
Above:  Picture of owner Rob Pelc inspecting some Brazilian Cherry logs in Brazil. Brazilian Cherry is as abundant as oak in the united states.
brazilian cherry being milled
Above:  Brazilian Cherry logs being milled at a mill in Brazil.
brazilian cherry being milled
Above:  Brazilian Cherry logs arriving at a lumber mill in Brazil.

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