kingwood lumber
DESCRIPTION The heartwood has variegated colors with a background of rich violet-brown, shading almost to a black with streaks of violet-brown, dark violet and black, sometimes with golden yellow, presenting an unmistakable appearance. Usually straight grained, uniformly fine textured and lustrous.
Weight is around 75 lbs per cu. ft.

South America (Brazil)

BOTANICAL NAME Dalbergia Cearensis
OTHER NAMES Violete, Violet Wood, Bois Violet
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Although very strong and tough in all strength categories, kingwood is primarily used for decorative purposes as its use is restricted by the small sizes available.
WORKING PROPERTIES Works well with both hand and power tools with a moderate blunting effect on cutters. If cutting edges are kept sharp, a very good smooth finish is obtainable. Nails and screws hold well, and the wood can provide a fine, natural waxy finish.
DURABILITY The timber is durable and extremely resistant to preservative treatment.
SEASONING Drying is rapid and care is needed to avoid a slight tendency to checking and splitting. The material kiln dries without degrade.
USES Primarily used in sliced veneers for inlay and marquetry, oyster veneering, and in solid form for making inlay bandings, turning, and fancy goods.
COMMENTS Extremely popular with antique restorers, as "bois violet" was widely used by leading ebenistes during the reigns of Louis XIV and XV of France, and throughout the Georgian periods in England.

Kingwood Lumber

janka hardness: unavailable
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