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January 2013

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Advantage Deck Lighting & Cable Railing Are HERE!

The Combination of Deck Lighting & Cable Railing Add Style to Any Deck

The new lines of Advantage Deck Lighting and Cable Railing are now available. With our cable railing you can make even the smallest deck feel large and open. Made from stainless steel, Advantage Cable Railing is extremely easy to install and is designed to meet all local building codes.

Advantage Deck Lighting offers you a convenient and affordable way to enjoy your deck at night. Our Post Cap, Stair, and Railing Light systems are easy-to-install during, or even after installation. With over 100 Advantage Deck Lighting options available, our experts are here to guide you to the best solution that suits the look of your deck.

Buy Advantage Deck Lighting

Buy Advantage Cable Railing

Why Toronto Chose Ipe Decking for their WaveDecks

The Toronto WaveDecks Showcase the Best of What Ipe Has to Offer

Why is Ipe Decking the best choice the city of Toronto could have made when choosing a material for the WaveDecks? Is it the fact that Ipe is proven to outperform other decking materials in cold and harsh climates?

Why do engineers and architects consider freeze/thaw cycles when choosing an outdoor decking material? Why is composite decking such a bad choice? What about thermally treated wood derived from softer woods like Birch or Ash?

Get answers to these questions & see videos of what the Toronto WaveDecks look like!

Get FREE Shipping On Your Next Advantage Decking® or siding Order Today!

The Truth About Rainforest Deforestation

The Mark of Responsible Forestry

Is it true that over 80% of hardwood that comes from the Amazon is sourced illegally? Is logging the primary cause of deforestation? Is there such a thing as sustainable forest management? After all, cutting down a tree is a crime against the earth...right?!

You may have heard some claims about the threats facing the rainforests and about people who are responsible. But what's just marketing and what is reality? Let's look at some facts that will surprise you! Learn the truth about sustainable forest management and the primary causes of deforestation in the Amazon.

The Environmental Policy on Sustainable Decking

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