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February 2014

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Caring for your deck.

Mother Nature can take a toll on wooden decks. But, with proper cleaning and maintenance, your deck will last for many years. Here are some step-by-step instructions demonstrating the best way to power wash your deck.

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Build a beautiful new deck in hours, not days.

With Advantage Deck Tiles®, you can take an old concrete patio, balcony or roof and convert it into a beautiful outdoor living space in just a few hours! Our natural wood deck tiles are inexpensive and easy-to-install.

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Want to increase the value of your home? Build a deck!

The average return on home improvements is just 60.6%, but you can recoup up to 87 percent of your investment on a new wood deck. "A deck is one of the more cost-effective things you can do," says Robert Markovich, Home and Yard Editor for Consumer Reports. "Decks are really a high-return item."

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When selecting wood for your projects, consider #1 Grade Over FAS Grade.

Many hobby or furniture makers buy FAS (First and Seconds) and then cut the boards down into shorter pieces. Unless you need long, clear boards over 8 feet in length for your project, we recommend you take advantage of the price savings and use our #1 common grade for your woodworking projects.

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