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February 2013

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Who Are the DeckBusters™?

Will this Ipe Hold Up Against an Axe?

Ever wonder what claims are true and what's just hype? If you listen to our competitors, using hardwoods is a waste of time and money.

Could they be right? Who's telling the truth? And, what's just a myth?

Introducing DeckBusters™!

A web series that cuts through the talk to show you how deck materials perform under the pressure of extreme stress tests.

Composites. PVC. Hardwoods. No material is safe!

Check out the DeckBusters™ Trailer! »

Another Beautiful Boardwalk Made of Ipe Decking? You Bet.

The Treasure Island Hotel & Casino Ipe Boardwalk in Las Vegas

Ask anyone who's visited Las Vegas in the summer about the heat. The exhausted look you get in response will tell you just how intense the heat is in Sin City.

Under a climate that intense, can you imagine the performance of a plastic, composite, or softer wood? Warping, twisting, cracking, peeling; those are just some of the problems people in normal climates experience with these deck materials. Imagine this heat intensifying over days, weeks, months, and years!

This is why Ipe decking and other harder-than-average woods like Cumaru and Massaranduba are chosen. Take the Treasure Island Hotel's boardwalk. To this day, it's made of Ipe and its dimensional stability can be summed up in one word: Amazing.

See the Ipe Boardwalk at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas »

How Does Ipe Decking Measure Up in Extreme Climates?

The Treasure Island Hotel & Casino Ipe Boardwalk in Las Vegas

"How does Ipe perform in cold weather climates?"

That's a question many people asked us during the recent International Builders' Show in Las Vegas. The answer we gave time and again was, "Ipe holds up better than any other artificial or traditional decking material, period."

How can we be so sure? It's simple. Ipe has been used successfully for decades in some of the harshest conditions in the world. From the Middle East to Canada, Ipe is proven to handle any and all climates. Want to learn what makes Ipe the best material?

Click here to learn why Advantage Ipe™ is perfect for cold weather applications »

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