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April 2012

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This Ipe Dock was Installed Using 2nd Grade / Rustic Ipe Decking (Read More Below!)

Spring is finally here! To celebrate the building season, this month's newsletter is filled with some great articles:

Balcony Deck Remodel & Deck Tiles - A Perfect Match

Discover How Our Exotic Decking Creates Beautiful Decks

What if you could completely transform the look of a balcony in just one afternoon? What if you could accomplish this without having to spend a ton of money?

Using our 20x20 Ipe Decking Tiles a one-day balcony/terrace renovation is easy. To demonstrate how simple the entire process is, we recently visited a home renovation project. At the job site, we interviewed a professional installer about his experience. As you'll see in this video, the result speaks for itself.

Deck of the Month: Remodel with Deck Tiles »

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What Can Rustic Decking Do for You? Plenty.

Rustic Ipe Decking Infuses Character Into Any Outdoor Space

Rustic (2nd/Character/B-grade) Ipe decking has many practical applications. Many buy from our inventory to build benches, tables, and other outdoor furniture. But what about something that actually adds value to a home? For instance, what if you could build a boat dock with our Rustic Ipe decking? After all, it's durable, affordable and will outlast composite docks at a fraction of the cost. It also lasts decades longer than your traditional pressure treated docks.

It's for those reasons and more that one of our customers purchased our Rustic Ipe. We recently visited his home and asked this homeowner and DIY dock builder about his experience. Check out the video and see why our Rustic Ipe is such a great deal.

Rustic Ipe Creates Beautiful Boat Dock »

How to Install Shiplap Siding

Rustic Ipe Decking Infuses Character Into Any Outdoor Space

One of the profiles that we offer at is shiplap siding. This siding profile is a popular choice among architects and home builders and is offered in four of our major deck species (Ipe, Cumaru, Tigerwood, & Garapa). The best part about installing shiplap siding is how easy it is to install. To demonstrate just how simple the entire process is, check the instructional video located on our hardwood siding page:

How-to Install Shiplap Siding »

Buy Shiplap Siding Direct from the Supplier »

Tigerwood Deck Remodel Video Testimonial

Rustic Ipe Decking Infuses Character Into Any Outdoor Space

People often replace an old deck because they want to give their outdoor living space a new look. Then there are times when replacing an old deck is an absolute necessity.

We were invited to see one deck remodeling project where the before and after couldn't be any more dramatic. Click the link below to see how Tigerwood Decking from was the key to giving this couple the deck they truly deserved:

Tigerwood Deck Remodel Video »

When is the Best Time to Inspect Your Deck? NOW!

Rustic Ipe Decking Infuses Character Into Any Outdoor Space

Now is the best time to check out the overall condition of your deck. For new decks, simply checking out the overall condition of your joists and connecting fasteners is often the most you'll have to do. However, for cedar, redwood, pressure treated and composite decks, 10 years old and above, you'll definitely need to take a bit more time ensuring your deck and joist system is in top condition. Read more deck inspection tips in these two articles:

Springtime Deck Maintenance Tips »

Top 7 DIY Deck Inspection Tips »

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