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May 2011

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How To Clean Your Hardwood Deck

deck cleaning
This Hardwood Deck Cleaner Is Simple to Use

Last month, we taught you how to apply Ipe Oil™ to refresh the look of your hardwood deck. We got some great feedback, but many people asked us, "My deck looks great already and I want it to turn gray. I just need to know what's the best way to clean hardwood decking?"

Simply follow this step-by-step guide and you'll extend the life and beauty of your deck:

  1. Sweep dirt and excess debris off the deck and in between gaps.
  2. Wet the deck surface down with clean water from a hose.
  3. Dissolve Hardwood Deck Cleaner in a bucket of warm water at the recommended strength.
  4. NOTE: One 16.oz container of Hardwood Deck Cleaner covers up to 600 square feet (testing a small area is recommended).
  5. Wait a few minutes for deck cleaner to activate.
  6. Apply with a mop or sprayer.
  7. Let the product sit on the deck surface for at least 10 minutes, making sure to keep the deck wet with more product if it begins to dry out.
  8. Scrub the deck boards. Scrub WITH the grain of the wood.
  9. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  10. Allow the deck to dry for at least a day or two in good weather.

That's it. Following these steps will result in a cleaner looking deck.


Have You Heard?

Ipe Has a Little Cousin Named Cumaru!

deck photo contest
What's the difference between Ipe & Cumaru?

Cumaru is closely related to Ipe decking in terms of strength, hardness and density. Where the two differ is on appearance and price. Here are some details from the USDA's official Wood Handbook about the similarities between Ipe & Cumaru decking:

What do these numbers all mean?

A Cumaru deck can give you a robust, durable space capable of taking on the weather and daily use just as well as Ipe. Oh, and the price ain't too shabby either! Cumaru can cost you up to 25% less per lineal foot on the most popular dimensions (1x6, 5/4x4, & 5/4x6). Learn more about the differences between Cumaru, Ipe, Teak, and Composite Decking. Or, click the button to save right now on Cumaru decking.


Introducing Woodipedia: A Lumber Dictionary for Woodworkers & Lumber Geeks!

DIY Doug Studying Woodipedia!

Attention WOOD geeks! We're proud to introduce a resource many of our customers have been asking for! Every single wood or lumber related term, phrase, and definition is now available in our massive dictionary that we're calling Woodipedia!

So, if you've ever wondered to yourself, "What is "Cambium"?" you can find out in a snap. Oh, by the way, Cambium is the live, actively growing layer of a tree. The cambium is one cell thick and resides between the phloem and sapwood. It repeatedly divides itself to form new wood which causes the tree to expand and grow. It is the layer that becomes either bark or wood and lays dormant during winter. Enjoy!

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