Obeche Lumber
DESCRIPTION Obeche is creamy-white to pale yellow with a moderately fine and even texture. Brittleheart is present in large logs. Grain is usually interlocked which provides a faint stripe on quarter sawn wood.
Weight is about 24lbs per cu. ft.
West Africa
BOTANICAL NAME Triplochiton Scleroxylon
OTHER NAMES Wawa, Arere, Ayous, Samba
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Low bending and crushing strength. Very low stiffness and resistance to shock. Moderate to poor steam bending characteristics.
WORKING PROPERTIES Very easy to work with hand and power tools. Only slight blunting effect on cutters. Nails easily, but has poor holding characteristics. Takes glue well. Require slight filling to obtain a high grade finish.
DURABILITY Non-durable. Sapwood susceptible to attack by powder post beetle. Non-resistant to West African termites. Heartwood is resistant to preservative treatment. Sapwood is permeable.
SEASONING Dries rapidly, but tends to twist or split around knots, otherwise little degradation. Small movement.
USES Extensively used where durability and strength are unimportant, such as drawer slides, interior rails, cabinet framing, model making, etc. Rotary cut into constructional veneer for plywood core stock purposes and as a backing veneer. Some logs sliced for decorative veneer.
COMMENTS Liable to blue stain if in contact with iron compounds in moist conditions.

Obeche Lumber

janka hardness: 490
For more info on the janka hardness scale CLICK HERE

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