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As an international lumber exporter, Advantage Lumber, LLC provides exotic hardwoods to all corners of the world. This project in the Republic of Cyprus is just one example of the premium grade material and excellent customer service that we provide.

ipe siding
cyprus decking

Cyprus is one of the largest island countries in the Mediterranean Sea. With many hills and rolling terrain, the homes in Cyprus have to use materials that are dependable. So, when Mr. Christoforou called us with an order for both ipe decking and siding, we were excited to be a part of this wonderful home's construction.

cyprus siding

Mr. Christoforou chose ipe because it was a perfect fit for the country's moderate climate. In temperate conditions, the owners of this 3500 foot high hillside home can expect their ipe deck and siding to last 75+ years.

cyprus ipe decking
ipe cyprus

When the containers arrived in the city of Limassol, Nikos contacted us right away to "tell you that IPE is just perfect."

ipe decking
cyprus brazilian walnut

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