Purpleheart Lumber

Purpleheart Lumber

purpleheart lumber
DESCRIPTION Purpleheart heartwood is a deep purple-violet when freshly cut, maturing to a dark brown. The original color is restored when re-cut. Grain is straight, but often irregular, wavy and sometimes interlocked. Texture is moderate to fine.
Weight varies from about 50lbs to 63lbs per cu. ft.
BOTANICAL NAME Peltogyn Pubescens
OTHER NAMES Amaranth, Violetwood, Koroboreli, Saka, Pau Roxo, Morado, Tananeo
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES High strength in bending, stiffness and crushing. Medium resistance to shock loads. Moderate steam bending characteristics.
WORKING PROPERTIES Difficult to work. Moderate to severe blunting effect on cutters. Exudes gummy resin when heated by dull cutters. Recommend running material slowly through machines equipped with HSS knives. Pre-drilling needed for nailing. Takes glue well. Stains and wax polishes easily.
DURABILITY Very durable. Sapwood susceptible to attack by powder post beetle. Heartwood is extremely resistant to preservative treatment. Sapwood is permeable.
SEASONING Dries rapidly with little degradation. Air drying is slow with some end and surface checking or case hardening. Small movement.
USES Heavy outdoor constructional work, bridge building, fresh water piling, dock work, cladding, vats, flooring, tool handles, turning, furniture, decorative veneers, inlay and marquetry.
COMMENTS Spirit based finishes remove the purple color. Lacquer based finishes preserve the color.

Purpleheart Lumber -

janka hardness: 2520
For more info on the janka hardness scale CLICK HERE

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Starting From $9.00
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