Siding Fasteners

hidden siding fasteners

DeckWise® Siding Fasteners

Siding profiles for hardwoods are commonly fastened with a screw and plug method. This classic installation takes time and the plugs could be visible, losing its visual appeal. The DeckWise® Hidden Siding Fasteners are made from solid stainless steel and are the ideal fastening system to secure each board without ever drilling in the wood. Perfect for both residential and commercial applications, the DeckWise® Hidden Siding Fastener system works with Advantage Rainscreen Siding. Each kit contains:
  • Starter clips
  • Siding clips
  • DeckWise® #8 x 2″ Stainless Steel Screws
  • T-15 Star Driver Tips
50 pc. kit: $72.77
175 pc. kit: $231.53
300 pc. kit: $378.00
1050 pc. kit: $1,260.00
> All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice <

Siding Fasteners Installation

hardwood siding installation

DeckWise™ Siding Fastener Kits include:

Siding Clips Starter Clips Deckwise™ Screws Driver Tips
50 Siding Fasteners N/A 50 - #8x2 screws 1 - T15 Tip
175 Siding Fasteners 12 Starter Clips 190 - #8x2 screws 1 - T15 Tip
300 Siding Fasteners 20 Starter Clips 325 - #8x2 screws 2 - T15 Tip
1050 Siding Fasteners 64 Starter Clips 1130 - #8x2 screws 3 - T15 Tip
new hardwood siding
These Siding Fasteners are for use with our Advantage Rainscreen Siding

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