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Solid Wood Panels

Also known as: Edge Glued Panels, Kitchen Cabinet Panels, or Glued Wood Panels
solid wood panel

Wood Panels

Red Oak Finished Solid Wood Panel Used for a Sideboard Top

Edge Glued Wood Panels

Can be used in a variety of applications...

Custom made solid wood panels are a great solution for a busy woodworker who does not have the time or does not want to be bothered with the tedious glue up process. We can produce solid edge glued wood panels in almost any size or specie. Our state of the art machinery allows us to glue up, cure the glue, square the panel, plane and sand the panel in less than one hour.

walnut butcher block counter
Shown Above: Black Walnut butcher block kitchen counter.
finished solid wood panel
Shown Above: Black Walnut finished solid wood panel used for a desk top.

Available Sizes

Nominal Dimension Net "Finished" Dimension Price
8/4 Panel 1 1/2" Thick Call: 704-471-9991
Call for availability: Typical turnaround time is 4-8 weeks.

Available Species

Domestic Species Exotic Species
Birch African Ribbon Mahogany
Walnut Jatoba
Cherry Obeche
Hickory Tigerwood
Hard Maple Sapele
Soft Maple Makore
Poplar Iroko
Red Oak
Qtr Sawn Red Oak
White Oak
Qtr Sawn White Oak

Shipping Times

Keep in mind: Shipping times listed below are the time it take a panel to ship to you; Typical turnaround time is 4-8 weeks.

City, State Time City, State Time
Baltimore , Maryland (MD) 1-2 Days Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN) 3-5 Days
Boston, Massachusetts (MA) 2-3 Days Nashville, Tennessee (TN) 2-3 Days
Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) 1-2 Days Orlando, Florida (FL) 1-2 Days
Chicago, Illinois (IL) 2-4 Days Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania (PA)
1-2 Days
Cincinnati, Ohio (OH) 1-2 Days Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) 1-2 Days
Dallas, Texas (TX) 3-4 Days Raleigh, North Carolina (NC) 1-2 Days
Denver, Colorado (CO) 4-5 Days Richmond, Virginia (VA) 1-2 Days
Greenville, South Carolina (SC) 1-2 Days Salt Lake City, Utah (UT) 4-5 Days
Kansas City, Missouri (MO) 3-4 Days San Diego, California (CA) 1-2 Days
Long Island, New York (NY) 1-3 Days San Francisco, California (CA) 1-2 Days
Los Angeles, California (CA) 1-2 Days Seattle, Washington (WA) 5+ Days
Memphis, Tennessee (TN) 2-3 Days Tampa, Florida (FL) 1-2 Days
New Jersey 1-3 Days NJ Coast 1-3 Days
Shipping Times May VARY... Please Contact Us For Exact Shipping Times and Rates
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