Mora Yellow


Common Names
Scientific Name
Mora excelsa, M. gonggrijpii
Northeastern South America (primarily Guyana and Suriname)
Heartwood is light to medium reddish brown. Wide pale yellow-brown sapwood is clearly demarcated from heartwood. Has a straight to interlocked grain, with a medium to coarse texture. Good natural luster. Endgrain: Diffuse-porous; large pores in no specific arrangement, few; solitary and radial multiples of 2-3; heartwood deposits present; narrow rays faintly visible without lens, normal spacing; parenchyma vasicentric,lozenge, winged, confluent, and marginal.
Avg. Dried Weight
63 lbs/ft3 (1,015 kg/m3)
Janka Hardness
2300 lbf
Modulus of Rupture
22,550 lbf/in2 (155.5 MPa)
Elastic Modulus
2,790,000 lbf/in2 (19.24 GPa)
Crushing Strength
11,950 lbf/in2 (82.4 MPa)
Radial: 6.7%, Tangential: 9.9%, Volumetric: 17.7%, T/R Ratio: 1.5
Mora is rated as durable to very durable, and also has good resistance to insect attacks.
Pieces with interlocked grain can be difficult to work, frequently resulting in tearout during machining operations. Mora also has a pronounced blunting effect on cutting edges.

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