Red Grandis


Common Names
Rose Gum, Flooded Gum
Scientific Name
Eucalyptus grandis
Eastern Australia
Red grandis™ wood is pink to reddish brown with paler sapwood. The grain is straight and shallowly interlocked, with a uniform, medium-course texture.
Avg. Dried Weight
40 lbs/ft3 (640 kg/m3)
Janka Hardness
1260 lbf
Modulus of Rupture
15,640 lbf/in2 (107.8 MPa)
Elastic Modulus
2,052,000 lbf/in2 (14.15 GPa)
Crushing Strength
8,020 lbf/in2 (55.3 MPa)
Radial: 5.9%, Tangential: 10.1%, Volumetric: 15.5%, T/R Ratio: 1.7
The wood is quite durable, but vulnerable to insect attack.
It is fairly easy to work with, and it accepts glues and finishes well.

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