tulipwood lumber
DESCRIPTION The heartwood is a beautiful pink-yellow with a pronounced striped figure in varying shades of salmon pink, and rose-red to violet, It has a fragrant scent. The grain is straight but more often irregular; the texture is moderately fine.
Weight is about 60 lbs per cu. ft.
Note:  This is Brazilian Tulipwood not to be confused with American Poplar which can also be referred to as "tulipwood"

South America (Brazil)

BOTANICAL NAME Dalbergia Frutescens
OTHER NAMES Pau Rosa, Pau De Fuso, Pinkwood, Bois De Rose, Jacaranda Rosa
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES For the purposes this wood is used its strength properties are of secondary importance. The timber is usually sold in small logs or billets. It is a decorative timber and fairly wasteful in conversion.
WORKING PROPERTIES Tulipwood is extremely hard to work, with severe blunting of cutting edges. A reduction in cutting angle to 20 degrees when planing the irregular grain on quartered material is essential. The timber is capable of a very high natural finish and can be planed and sanded smoothly. Pre-boring for nailing is necessary; it glues well, and takes an excellent polish.
DURABILITY The timber is non-durable, but resists insect and fungal attacks. Highly resistant to preservative treatment.
SEASONING The timber dries easily, although there is a little risk of checking or twisting. It tends to split after being sawn. There is small movement in service.
USES Turning, brush backs, fancy wood ware, cabinets, caskets, jewelry boxes, marquetry and inlay work, marimba keys and decorative items. Selected billets are sliced for veneer.
COMMENTS Not to be confused with Tuliptree (Liriodendron Tulipifera).

Brazilian Tulipwood Lumber

janka hardness: 2500
For more info on the janka hardness scale CLICK HERE

Tulipwood Lumber Prices

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