Ambrosia Maple Lumber

Ambrosia Maple Lumber

ambrosia maple
DESCRIPTION The Ambrosia beetle causes the wormy pattern in Soft Maple lumber and the result is very unique looking lumber. The wood has beautiful brown and gray stripes with small worm holes. This lovely wormy pattern will not effect the final performance of the lumber in any negative way. We sort this lumber by hand for the best looking wormy patterns.

North America

OTHER NAMES Ambrosia Maple, Wormy Maple
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Medium bending and crushing strength. Low stiffness and resistance to shock loads. Considered good for steam bending.
WORKING PROPERTIES Can be worked fairly well with hand and power tools, although has moderate dulling effect on cutters. Takes nails satisfactorily with care. Gluing results vary. Can be stained and polished to excellent finish.
USES Suitable for furniture, joinery, ambrosia maple flooring,, turning, paneling, veneering.
COMMENTS The Ambrosia beetle that carries in the Ambrosia fungus on its feet into the wood (the fungus is food for the insect's offspring when they hatch).

Wormy Maple Lumber

janka hardness: 950
For more info on the janka hardness scale CLICK HERE

Ambrosia Maple Lumber Prices

8/4 Ambrosia Maple Lumber

Starting From $3.95

4/4 Ambrosia Maple Lumber

Starting From $3.50
> All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice <

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