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Black Walnut Flooring

We offer the highest quality Black Walnut at deeply discounted pricing.
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Black Walnut FLooring

Black Walnut Offers The Rare Combination of Natural Beauty & Durability

Black Walnut flooring is truly an American original. It appeals to virtually all tastes.

Black Walnut is a very popular choice among homeowners who live in a space that has a lot of bright colors and natural light. If you prefer to have contemporary home centered around a contrasting light and dark aesthetic, the dark and rich brown color of Black American Walnut is a major plus.

Black Walnut Color & Benefits

If you have a more traditional home, this hardwood flooring is a great option. Black walnut hardwood flooring's coffee like appearance blends very well with its white sapwood. This combination creates an even more striking and unique space.

Here's some other things you need to know about Black Walnut:

Did you know that Black Walnut is also called American Walnut? One other interesting fact is that it is one of the few hardwoods that are naturally dark.

How Hard & Durable is Black Walnut Flooring?


Black Walnut


Red Oak


Why Choose Advantage for Custom Black Walnut Flooring

At Advantage Trim & Lumber Company, we provide cost-efficient custom run hardwood flooring options. We do this in order to save you time and money. By owning and operating our own lumber mills, we are fully-equipped and can fulfill any of your custom flooring needs. Call us with your specific dimensions and we will complete your order of black walnut wood flooring and ship it to you in no time. Don’t worry; we also provide custom railings, trim, molding up to 8” and can manufacture nearly any profile from our extensive hardwood inventory.

When you work with Advantage Trim & Lumber Company, you are choosing to purchase your black walnut woodflooring directly from our lumber mill. We offer wholesale flooring pricing that is unmatched in the industry.

Contact Advantage Trim & Lumber today to order black walnut wood flooring and to consult with one of our expert associates. We are your one-stop-source for all your hardwood flooring needs.

Black (American) Walnut Flooring Prices

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