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Zebrawood Flooring

We offer the highest quality Zebrawood at deeply discounted pricing.
Zebrawood Flooring

Zebrawood Flooring

Zebrawood Flooring Creates Beautiful Rooms with a Warm Touch

Zebrawood is a rare and very special hardwood. People that feature this spectacular species in their homes do so because they truly want to make a bold statement that leaves a lasting impression. When you enter a room that has Zebra wood flooring, you will never forget it.

African Zebrawood is a great choice if you want to compliment your particular home's decor. Whether you have a modern / contemporary design, or a warm country home, this exotic wood flooring option is so memorable because of its varying whitish to yellow and black striping pattern. The contrast between light and dark streaks is what makes this exceptional hardwood flooring option so popular and renowned.

Zebrawood Flooring Benefits

This African hardwood flooring option is great for homes that have solid colored, dark furniture. Or, homes that have a warm and rustic appeal. When you install Zebrawood floors, you are getting a wood that:

How Durable is Zebrawood Flooring?




Red Oak


Did you know that it's always best to test your flooring choice with various oil-based finishes BEFORE you apply a specific one? For instance, Zebrawood, with some finishes can take quite a while to dry. Be sure to ask us about viable finishing options when you place an order.

Why Choose Advantage for Custom Zebrawood Flooring

At Advantage Trim & Lumber Company, we can handle your custom zebrawood flooring needs. Throughout the United States, we own a number of fully equipped lumber mills which operate the best molding machines. These machines can effortlessly handle all of your specific custom flooring needs. When you order from Advantage Trim & Lumber Company directly, we will have your order prepared and shipped to you in a matter of days, not months. We also supply custom trim, molding up to 8”, railings, and can construct practically any profile from our vast hardwood inventory.

When you select Advantage Trim & Lumber Company, you are purchasing your zebrawood hardwood flooring directly from the lumber mill. Simply put, by cutting out the middle man, we are able to price our wholesale flooring well below retail stores and other chain stores.

Contact Advantage Trim & Lumber to order zebrawood flooring and to talk with one of our expert associates. We are your one-stop-source for all your hardwood flooring needs.

Zebrawood Flooring

Zebrawood Flooring

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