greenheart Lumber

Greenheart Lumber

Greenheart Lumber
DESCRIPTION Greenheart lumber has a heartwood that is usually a pale olive green with darker streaking sometimes prevalent. The sapwood is yellowish green which is usually tough to distinguish from the heartwood. Greenheart wood has fine to medium fine grain which varies from straight to interlocking. This lumber also sometimes has a very attractive natural luster.
Average dried weight 63 lbs/ft3 (1,010 kg/m3)
Northeastern South America
BOTANICAL NAME Chlorocardium rodiei (syn. Ocotea rodiei)
OTHER NAMES Greenheart, bibiru, sipiri, kevatuk, beeberoe, demerara greenheart, demerara groenhart and sipiroe
WORKING PROPERTIES Greenheart lumber is somewhat difficult to work with because of the density of the wood. It also has a moderate to high blunting effect of cutting blades. Where interlocking grain is present machining should be done with extreme care to avoid grain tearout. Similar to other tropical lumber species Greenheart can be difficult to glue because of the natural oils present in the wood.
DURABILITY Greenheart is a very durable lumber which is also resistant to almost all insect attacks. It is known in the marine building industry to be one of the best woods in the world to be used in coastal environments mainly for construction of dock pilings. This lumber also weathers very well in extremely wet installation locations.
SEASONING Greenheart wood weathers very well in extremely wet installation locations which makes it the perfect choice for use in a variety of outdoor building projects.
USES Dock pilings, docks, posts, ground-contact posts, decking, boatbuilding, pool cues, fishing rods, and other turned wood items.
COMMENTS Greenheart is a great wood for turning and it finishes well in fine woodworking projects.

Greenheart Lumber

janka hardness: 2,530
For more info on the janka hardness scale CLICK HERE

Greenheart Pilings

greenheart pilings
Greenheart Pilings

Greenheart Piles

greenheart piles
Various Sizes
Call for Pricing - Wholesale Department: (941)-388-9299

Greenheart Boards

Available in 5/4x4 and 8x8 sizes.
Call for Pricing - Wholesale Department: (941)-388-9299

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