Indian Rosewood Lumber

Indian Rosewood Lumber

PHOTO indian rosewood

Not to be confused with East Indian rosewood (dalbergia latafolia) Dalbergia sissoo is indigenous  to west India. Also known as shesham wood. Our Indian rosewood is a beautiful golden brown with darker and lighter contrasting grain lines. Indian rosewood is used for furniture, high end turning and it tonal qualities make it a great choice for musical instruments. Dalbergia sissoo is a very stable wood. The wood can be dried sufficiently for use in furniture by the sun alone. The tree is an evergreen and grows heights of 50-70’ and up to 3’ in diameter. Being a true rosewood a wonderful fragrance is emitted when cutting. Dalbergia sissoo is one of the softest rosewoods. It machines very well, however sometimes because of the irregular shape of the tree grain reversals and interlocked grain can be prone to tear out. The wood glues and finishes sufficiently. Occasional whitish grey pockets of silica can be dulling to tools


West India

BINOMIAL NAME Dalbergia sissoo
OTHER NAMES sisu, sheesham, tahli, Tali and also Irugudujava
COMMENTS We have a great supply of both turning stock and live edge book matched lumber. Call for pricing and availability. 1-877-232-3915

Indian Rosewood Lumber

janka hardness: 1660
For more info on the janka hardness scale CLICK HERE

Indian Rosewood Lumber Prices

Indian Rosewood Flitch Sawn Book Matched Logs

indian rosewood flitch sawn book matched log
Indian Rosewood flitch sawn book matched log.
indian rosewood log
Indian Rosewood log.
eucalyptus slabs florida lumber mill
Indian Rosewood slabs at our Florida saw mill.
eucalyptus slab detail
Indian Rosewood slab detail.
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