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July 2011

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What is End Seal?

How-to Protect Decking & Lumber from End Grain Checking

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Unsealed vs. end-sealed Ipe Decking

Have you ever wondered why certain products like cheese have a layer of red wax around them?

The wax protects the cheese from drying out and growing mold. The same is true when working with wood, or building a wood deck. When you see the picture to the left, the difference could not be more clear. The unsealed boards on top have visible end checks and are not as straight as the bottom two boards.

Using a wax-based professional grade end grain sealer is a required step of the deck building process.

End grain sealant must be applied prior to installation on the end grain of any fresh cut. Simply apply over the freshly cut ends using a paint brush and let dry.

NOTE: End grain sealant is to be used on the end grain only. DO NOT apply sealer to the surface of your deck.


Massaranduba Decking

Call 1-877-232-3915 to Order 5/4x6 Massaranduba

Massaranduba (pronounced Ma-Sa-Ran-Doo-bah) is a long--lasting and beautiful hardwood native to South America. Extremely popular in Europe, a Massaranduba deck produces is over 7 times harder than California offers a much richer red look. Our Massaranduba is also very versatile! Take advantage of the anti-slip surface for stair treads (for extra slip resistance). Or, you can flip to the flat face if you want a more traditional looking deck. Your choice!

Boasting a 30+ year lifespan, Massaranduba decking can be enjoyed year round without having to worry about constant staining, or heavy duty maintenance. At Advantage, we manufacture and supply 5/4x6 Massaranduba decking in a wide range of profiles and lengths.


Have You Heard?

Hardwood Decking & Lumber Industry Pricing Update

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The hardwood decking and lumber market is similar to other commodity based markets. Due to a rise in demand and a constrained supply, it should come as no surprise to hear that hardwoods like Ipe are becoming more scarce and more expensive. In addition to supply and demand factors, fluctuating exchange rates and a weakening dollar have contributed to the increased cost of Ipe decking. Even domestic species have had similar price increases. Bad weather has had a profound impact on hardwood supply by hindering the ability of logging companies to harvest timber. This, in turn, drives prices up even for popular domestic species.

What do these market forces mean for you? Exotic species like Cumaru, Massaranduba, and Tigerwood are solid and long-lasting alternatives to Ipe. They are also very durable and low-maintenance. Learn how these decking options compare. For wood workers, there's no reason to start stockpiling 4/4 boards of Oak like gold. Even if your first choice for that new chair is out of your price range, you can feel confident knowing Advantage Trim & Lumber has many other hardwood options available to you in stock, and at a great price.

We've procured some of the best hardwood logs of the season. Picture of Advantage President, Rob Pelc in Brazil.
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