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October 2011

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How We Dry Lumber to the Highest Quality

The finest decks start with hardwood that has been properly dried to the right moisture content. Just ask anyone who's built a deck with "green," aka undried lumber, and you'll know right away that this critical step in the manufacturing process can neither be overlooked nor hastily done. owns and operates a computer-controlled lumber kiln. This state-of-the-art kiln properly dries exotic decking and lumber to a moisture content conducive to exterior or specialty applications.

Learn About the Lumber Drying Process »

Kiln dried lumber
State-of-the-Art Lumber Kiln Drying Cumaru Decking

How to Install Ipe Deck Tiles

It's one thing to say that Ipe deck tiles are easy to install. It's another to show you just how fast and simple it really is! We took 16 ipe deck tiles and installed them on top a concrete slab and recorded every minute of it. Oh, we really do mean minutes! This nifty how-to install deck tile instructional video shows how just 16 tiles can totally transform boring old concrete into a livable and attractive outdoor space. Check it out!

View the Ipe Deck Tile Install Video »

how to install deck tiles
Installing Our Deck Tiles is Easy

On Deck: How to Build an Ipe Wood Storage Chest

Before the snow arrives, it's time to start putting away objects still laying around outside. Instead of tossing them into a old plastic storage bin that will bend, warp, crack, and fall apart why not build one out of Ipe? Let's face it, a hand-made Ipe storage chest will last decades longer than one made out of plastic. If you'd like to give yourself a great weekend project, check out our latest easy-to-follow guide:

How to Build an Ipe Storage Chest »

Ipe storage chest
Build Your Own Ipe Storage Box

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