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August 2010

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Reclaimed - Recycled - Flooring Reinvented™


Did you know that mills that manufacture flooring across the world only use between 40-60% of a log's usable lumber? What happens to the rest?

Unfortunately, these mills toss this perfectly good lumber into landfills, or they get burned. Staybull Flooring™ solves this problem by fusing those strips of lumber to create a dimensionally superior plank that has more benefits than bamboo, engineered, and solid flooring combined.

The collection of Staybull Flooring™ is the eco-friendly wood flooring that:

Learn more about high-end recycled wood flooring & save today.

Featured Deck of the Month - Cumaru Decking in Michigan

When we first saw pictures of this Cumaru deck in Michigan, we were blown away. The luscious reddish brown color really shines. You can tell a lot of thought and careful planning went into constructing this three story deck.

Why did they choose Cumaru over Redwood and even Ipe Decking?

Cumaru was an easy choice for this family because they wanted a decking that offered a:

>> Cumaru Decking in Michigan

What Makes Hardwood Eco-Friendly?

Eco-friendly lumber

All the hardwood we sell at Advantage Trim & Lumber is eco-friendly. How can we say that?

By complying with local and federal trade laws of both the United States and all the South American countries where we procure our wood, we are able to have strong ties to the most reputable and eco-friendly mills.

These partnerships help preserve the land for forestry instead of for agricultural purposes.

Can a cow really cause more damage to the environment than logging? In a word, yes.

For a more detailed explanation of how agriculture is a larger threat to native forests in South America than logging, you can read the following articles:

>> Eco-Friendly Hardwood

>> Cattle Ranching Causes Deforestation

>> Sustainable Forestry & the Wolf Tree

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