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Real Wood Decking - San Rafael, CA

Garapa & Ipe Decking enhances the view for this San Rafael, CA homeowner!
Hardwood Decking Terrace
This breathtaking view is more enjoyable with Real Hardwood Decking from Advantage Trim & Lumber

Real Wood Decking Is a 1-2 Punch of Looks & Strength

One of the most amazing things about hardwood decking is how well it fits into any environment. There's never a place where a deck made from Advantage Trim & Lumber's exotic hardwood just doesn't feel right.

Case in point. This spectacular deck that mixes BOTH Ipe wood and Garapa wood. Built in San Rafael, California, this deck's amazing views can really be enjoyed on this expertly designed outdoor space.

Hardwood Decking, San Rafael, CA
Solid hardwood decking fits just right in this environment.

Who Says Deck Building Isn't An Art?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that building decks isn't an art. It is. Just look at the picture above. It takes great planning, precision, and VISION to create a deck of such beauty. Think of it this way; the wood is your paint, the tools are like brushes, the environment is the canvas, and the builder is the artist. The only difference is that while art is generally admired from afar, you can both admire and LIVE on a hardwood deck.

This San Rafael deck builder really look the challenge of building off a slope to a whole new level. According to the builder, "The deck is built using max. 22’-0” boards, so no butt joints exist in the field, giving the deck more continuity of wood, separated by angled transition pieces." While this sounds technical (and it is), you can't argue the result is pure art.

Garapa wood deck mixed with Ipe decking.
The golden color of our Garapa decking stands out against the darker Ipe.

How Does a Mixed Species Hardwood Deck Look?

A growing trend in deck building is mixing species of hardwood. When you pair the right woods together, you can really get a striking look. What's better is that you get a visually dynamic outdoor deck without sacrificing on overall resistance to termites or other pests. Looking below, it's easy to see how the combination of Garapa decking and Ipe decking works.

Decking for all seasons. This new deck was just installed and oiled which makes the colors really pop.

Colors So Rich, Staining is Unnecessary

To enhance the color of this deck, all that was needed was a fresh coat of Ipe Oil deck finish. Unlike redwood, cedar, pine, and other softer woods, the rich color of an exotic hardwood deck from Advantage Trim & Lumber is easy to maintain. So much so that this homeowner won't have to worry about staining. Why because it's just not required with our exotic hardwood decking.

Decking you don't have to stain.
How do you do justice to wood this good? Create an awe-inspiring design to match.

A Deck Made of Iron, Framed in Gold

Decking you can rely on.
Mixing the golden honey color of Garapa with the dark reddish brown Ipe was a stroke of building genius.

The strength of our Ipe decking is world-renowned. The golden color of Garapa is highly-fashionable. When you see the two together, it's clear as day how well they go together. Whether you're hosting a 4th of July BBQ party, or just want a peaceful moment to yourself, building a deck like this is possible with the decking from Advantage Trim & Lumber.

Building a wood deck? You can work with the world's leading supplier of exotic hardwoods and buy decking material from the convenience of your home with Advantage Trim & Lumber.
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