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Ipe Siding in Palm Springs, CA

Advantage Rainscreen Siding adds an element that synthetic material simply CAN NOT match!

Advantage Rainscreen Siding Benefits

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AdvantageLumber.com has long been a leading supplier of exotic hardwood decking and we are proud to introduce hardwood rainscreen siding to our ever expanding inventory of high-quality outdoor building materials. Advantage Rainscreen Siding is the prefect solution for almost any siding application.

Advantage Ipe and Cumaru are proven to be extremely resilient materials which have been used extensively in applications where extreme climates are the norm. This 5700 square foot home in the hot, desert climate of Palm Springs, California is the definition of "extreme climate application". Advantage Rainscreen Siding was sure put to the test once again!

According to Sean Lockyer, Architect and Owner of Studio AR+D, "The ability of the rainscreen to act as a solar or thermal "break" between the house and the elements made this assembly optimal in the hot, arid climate which averages temperatures well over 100 degrees in the summertime." Additionally, the decision to use Advantage Ipe in a hot and arid climate such as Palm Springs, California was easy since, according to Mr. Lockyer, "Ipe has been a tested material for us here in the desert because of its durability to these harsh climatic conditions."

Advantage Rainscreen Siding offers the following benefits:

The Advantage Rainscreen Siding system is available in Ipe, Cumaru, Tigerwood, Brazilian Redwood, and Garapa. Besides each option being harder than Redwood and Cedar, each option can be easily installed using a hidden siding fastening system. According to Mr. Lockyer, the use of a hidden siding fastening system actually helped reduce the cost of the entire project, "We couldn't have afforded this material in our project had it not been for the reduction in installation costs which were a direct result of the fastening system." Check out our time saving installation process of rainscreen siding.

Advantage Ipe Rainscreen Siding Photos

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