Ipe doors texas

Ipe: Not Just for Decks

. The Rich Color of Ipe Really Makes These Barn Doors Stand Out

This homeowner wanted a durable material to construct new barn doors out of. The material had to be versatile enough to not only make the barn doors but also be used for the perimeter gate around the livestock area. When taking all the factors into consideration Ipe proved to be the most viable choice.

The Texas climate can pose a threat to inferior material such as pressure treated lumber and composite materials. Ipe on the other hand can stand up to the harsh Texas elements such as the scorching hot summer sun.

Barnyard building projects need to require minimal maintenance once completed because lets face it the barnyard animals are enough work on their own. This is why Ipe is such a logical choice! The lack of required maintenance Ipe presents frees up this barnyard owner's time to take care of his animals, not his barn.

Check out all the benefits Ipe offers in this particular application:

Additional Photos of our Ipe Decking in this Texas Barnyard:

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