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Staybull Flooring

Edge Glued Plank Flooring
staybull flooring
Staybull Flooring<sup>™</sup> logo

Staybull Flooring is recycled flooring with exclusive advantages that make it one of the most durable and beautiful eco-friendly flooring options.

Staybull Flooring flooring saves on waste that other flooring companies leave behind. This means you get an Eco-Friendly Flooring product that is not only good for you but also is an excellent choice for our environment. To find out more about their EXCLUSIVE manufacturing process visit the Product Benefits section of their website.

Staybull Flooring greatly reduces cupping associated with standard wide plank flooring installed over a plywood subfloor. This means that you can install Staybull Flooring over a plywood subfloor and have the confidence that your floor will NOT cup like typical wide plank flooring can do. Now you can have the look of a wide plank without the cupping problems, yet still maintain a solid floor that can be sanded and refinished after many years of use. When you purchase a Staybull Floor you are not just buying a floor, you are buying a piece of mind.

Staybull Flooring can also be installed over aged concrete slabs. This is a major benefit to people looking for a solid floor who don't like the thin layer of wood on top of typical engineered flooring. **Note that installation over fresh slabs could lead to problems with any wood flooring due to the high moisture content of newly poured concrete slabs.**

To see more about Eco-Friendly Flooring visit Staybull Flooring's official website.

Recycled Wood Flooring

A Sample of Staybull Flooring Species
Staybull Flooring<sup>™</sup> - Andiroba
Staybull Flooring -
Prefinished Andiroba
Staybull Flooring<sup>™</sup> - Cherry
Staybull Flooring -
Prefinished Cherry
Staybull Flooring<sup>™</sup> - Brazilian Cherry
Staybull Flooring -
Prefinished Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)
Staybull Flooring<sup>™</sup> - Black Walnut
Staybull Flooring -
Prefinished Black Walnut (American Walnut)
Staybull Flooring<sup>™</sup> - Wenge
Staybull Flooring -
Prefinished Wenge

Staybull Flooring Product Benefits:

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