Cumaru Flooring

Cumaru Flooring

Cumaru Offers Luxury, Style, & Durability

Cumaru is fast becoming the wood of choice for savvy homeowners who want to have flooring and decking that will last for decades after they own the home. Also known as Brazilian Teak, cumaru is an exotic hardwood that is certain to brighten up and room or home. Homeowners who are looking to buy cumaru and are curious about what their home would look like with cumaru flooring can expect to have their rooms brightened due to the golden tan to a reddish brown color.

Cumaru Appearance & Benefits

Homeowners who choose cumaru flooring can expect the following:

How Hard & Durable is Cumaru Flooring?




Red Oak


Why Choose Advantage for Custom Cumaru Flooring

At Advantage Lumber, LLC, we can handle your custom cumaru needs.  We operate a number of fully-equipped lumber mills throughout the United States which run the best molding machines that can easily handle all of your custom flooring needs to your specific dimensions. When you work with Advantage Lumber, LLC directly, we will have your order ready and shipped to you in days, not months. We also offer custom molding up to 8”, trim, railings, and can produce virtually any profile from our wide-ranging hardwood inventory.

When you choose Advantage Lumber, LLC, you are buying your cumaru flooring directly from the lumber mill. Simply put, we offer wholesale flooring pricing that is unmatched.

Contact Advantage Lumber, LLC to order cumaru and to talk with one of our expert associates. We are your one-stop-source for all your hardwood flooring needs.

Save on Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Flooring Specifications logoOur Price
cumaru prefinished flooring Cumaru Flooring (Brazilian Teak)
Flooring Size: ¾″ x 5″
Lengths: 1′ - 7′
Finish: Prefinished
cumaru unfinished flooring Cumaru Flooring (Brazilian Teak)
Flooring Size: ¾″ x 5″
Lengths: 1′ - 7′
Finish: Unfinished
All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices listed in square feet.

Our hardwood flooring is ALL-NATURAL. Buy Direct & Save!

Cumaru Flooring

Cumaru Flooring

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